Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm writing this post to answer another comment so please bare with me. I know my answer should be right under the original comment, but this is the best I can do for now. The previous blog will explain why I can't do this right.

The third book of Oddily, Held in Secrecy, have been rewritten along with many more chapters.  For those who didn't know, I pushed the wrong button on the computer and lost four months of writing on book #3 of Oddily. I had a backup system installed so it won't happen again, but I am now several months behind for my 2012 release date. Now, I shooting for the first part of 2013.


I am so sorry (to you know who) for not posting on this blogger page for four months. When Blogger improved their site, I didn't understand the new format. Typically, I avoid the things I don't understand, especially computer stuff.  I tried though. I even tried to answer the most recent comment but I couldn't figure out how. The truth is, I am so computer stupid it's embarrasssing. In fact, someone is helping me right now so I can answer the question, Where's the update on Fish Eyes?

I had been updating Fish Eyes all along but I've been doing it on Goodreads until I can figure out how the inproved Blogger works. I'll hire someone to teach me if I have to.

Anyway, Fish Eyes should be out sometime between the end of Sept. and the end of Nov. It really depends on the editor. I had planned to release Fish Eyes for a summer read but the story just kept on going! With that said, I'm at the last stages of clean up before I send it off.

Thanks for your patience....Linda