Monday, December 2, 2013


Before you read the teaser there is some personal news that I'm reluctant to share on the internet, but I will anyway. I'm doing this in hopes that you will understand the reasons for what I'm about to say.
Two months ago, life as I've known it changed in a heartbeat. My husband came home from a doctor's appointment and announced that he had cancer.
He is now finished with the chemo and radiation treatments and is waiting for December 11th to get his first surgery date. It's supposed to be between December 20th and January 15th.
Please don't abandon me when I say I'm not going to be able to make the 2013 deadline for Held in Secrecy. I'd tried to concentrate on the storyline since my husbands diagnoses, but my thoughts kept returning to him.
I sincerely apologize for this unfortunate delay. Seeing how I'm a people pleaser, I feel terrible for letting you guys down ... BUT IT IS COMING!!!


“Nexa, I’ve done something terrible!”
“Where are you?” Nexa’s tone was suddenly demanding and high.
T-t-the school parking lot. My car, it’s…gone!
While Oddily continued to speak with her mouth to her cellphone, it took her a moment to realize that her fair-haired friend had materialized right in front of her.
Still, Oddily used her phone to communicate. “You’re here!” she said.
Nexa grabbed Oddily’s arm and with her free hand, she lowered the phone from Oddily’s mouth. “Now tell me, what have you done?”
“I forgot my math assignment and…and…”
Nexa interrupted when she noticed the empty parking lot. “How’d you get here?”
“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Nexa! I took my car, and I parked it in our usual spot, but then someone came along and stole it while I was at my locker.
“Did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary?”
Oddily paused with a vague recollection of something but she couldn’t seem to put her thoughts together. “No. Not that I can remember.”
Nexa’s head jerked up and snapped to attention. “Well, I’m hearing something now and it’s heading this way.
“I know.” Oddily shuddered. “It’s the police and they’re coming here.”
Nexa zeroed in on Oddily’s trembling body. “How would you know that?”
“Because I called them.”
“You what?!”
Oddily didn’t need to be told what to do. Because of the expression on Nexa’s face, she bolted for the forest.
“Faster!” Nexa growled as she ran with her typical grace and beauty. “We need to make it to the woods before they show up.”
Oddily knew Nexa didn’t have to run from anyone, especially when all she had to do was shimmer and fade. But Nexa stayed by her side like a loyal friend.
Finally, they entered the safety of the woods and none too soon. Two patrol cars pulled into the parking lot and then flashed beams of light that rotated in circles atop their vehicles. Oddily wanted to stop and watch from afar, if for no other reason than to catch her breath, but Nexa nudged her on. It took another two hundred yards or so of them silently walking through the forest of trees before they stumbled upon the unexplainable.


kelly said...

So sorry to hear about your husband my prayers are with you ... love the teaser can't wait to read more

Damian Bird said...

Thank you for sharing that.I have been wondering where u disappeared wife got me back into reading thru the kindle app on my cell phone.oddily was one of the first books I downloaded out of the free section,swearing,I was NOT going to go crazy like her,lol.or oddily series got me hooked,I have over a hundred books now.u keep or head up n all my prayers go out to u n or husband.take the time u need n know u do have loyal fans that will b there as well,

Yvette said...

I hope your husband is faring well...

Patricia Fulghum said...

Has Held in Secrecy been published? I have searched for it but can not locate it anywhere.